Galerien und Panoramen
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Meiningen I

A small town with a
famous theater, located
south of the Thuringian
Forest in the German
Bundesland Thuringia.
20 images | 1,7 MB

Meiningen II

View from Herrenberg on the city
in Werratal. Panoramic photo,
stitched from 18 single images.
zoomable panoramic image | 14,0 MB

Meiningen III

The Meiningen marketplace with over
1.000 years old city church, fontain,
town houses and half-timber houses.
zoomable 360°-panoramic image | 3,8 MB

Kloster Vessra I

A quaint village in
southern Thuringia,
which has an
agricultural history
12 images | 1,2 MB

Kloster Vessra II

Panoramic view of Ehrenberg, the
Equal Mountains, Kloster Vessra and
the rock wall of Caved In Mountain.
zoomable panoramic image | 10,3 MB

Kloster Vessra III

The Hennebergian Museum of
Kloster Vessra: Towers of the former
monastery church, original buildings
and permuted half-timber houses.
zoomable 360°-panoramic image | 5,8 MB

Kloster Vessra IV

Former enclosure building. Opposite
the former monastery mill, which was
later converted into a turbine house.
zoomable panoramic image | 4,4 MB
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